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  • Interviewing and Hiring Kit


    You know what it takes to build a successful company and, as a business owner or manager, you understand better than anyone that you can't do it alone. You count on your employees -- they're the lifeblood of your company and the key to your growth.


    Hiring the right people is absolutely essential-they're one of your biggest investments. 

    Master the Art and Science of Staffing with HR360

    HR360 -- the leading online source for HR how-to guides, tools and forms -- is here to help. We've developed the 'Interviewing and Hiring Kit', a unique product that will guide you through the entire hiring and employee orientation process, step-by-successful-step. This easy-to-use kit delivers a systematic workflow that gives you the intelligence you need to:

    • Prepare a job analysis to determine the purpose, function and qualifications for a specific position.
    • Develop comprehensive, accurate job descriptions-choose from more than 800 sample descriptions in 22 employment categories or write your own with our interactive Job Description Builder.
    • Advertise your open positions and review resumes.
    • Create competitive compensation packages.
    • Establish interview criteria and develop appropriate questions.
    • Conduct informative, legal interviews and evaluate the results.
    • Check references and perform background checks.

    ...and, ultimately, make the best hiring decisions for your company. We also help you integrate new employees into your team with a complete "onboarding" section that covers everything from conducting orientation to filing paperwork such as I-9, W-4 and direct deposit forms.

    A Suite of Interactive Tools to Guide You

    HR360's 'Interviewing and Hiring Kit' features proprietary interactive HR tools and applications that let you streamline and customize your recruitment and hiring. You'll work more intelligently and effectively with these intuitive tools:

    • Employee Cost Calculator: Get a complete picture of the true cost of hiring a new employee from compensation and benefits to recruiting, training, office equipment and other costs.
    • Interview Question Builder: Generate interview questions for specific candidates, jobs and skill sets so that you can gather accurate insight into your applicant during the meeting.
    • Job Description Builder: Write effective job descriptions with ease. Choose a category of job; select tasks, activities, skills and demands; add your own specific requirements; and your description is complete in minutes.
    • Salary Benchmarking Tool: Ensure that your compensation plan is competitive by searching pay structure reports for more than 800 positions, by either annual or hourly wage. Compare information nationally, by state or within a region/metro area.

    A Comprehensive Library of Forms at Your Fingertips

    HR360's 'Interviewing and Hiring Kit' also features a library of essential forms, ready for you to download and customize. Along with more than 800 sample job descriptions, you'll get:

    you're hired
    • New hire forms: I-9, W-4, direct deposit forms and more
    • Skills analysis forms, developed in conjunction with the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration, to help analyze candidates' abilities and skills
    • Employment applications, candidate evaluations and background check forms
    • Sample interview questionnaires and letters to applicants
    • Policy notices…and much more.

    Guidance from HR360's Team of Attorneys

    As the leading provider of online human resources intelligence, HR360 offers insight on every aspect of the recruitment and hiring process. Our team of attorneys delivers easy-to-understand HR best practices and summaries of relevant laws, including the Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE) laws; the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); the Fair Labor Standards Act; the Fair Credit Reporting Act and more. We'll help you stay compliant with state and federal hiring laws.

    Partner with HR360 to Attract Top Talent

    HR360's 'Interviewing and Hiring Kit' is one of the most valuable areas of our award-winning HR library…and it's now available as a stand-alone product. Contact us today and discover why thousands of business owners rely on HR360 to help them successfully hire, manage and maintain their employees while staying compliant with the law.


    Interviewing and Hiring Kit
    1 Year Solution