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  • Employee Performance and Discipline Kit


    Performance reviews are vital opportunities for both you and your employees. A well-structured review evaluates the quality of an employee's performance in the past, and serves a blueprint to their future with your company.



    It's a time to set goals, review compensation, discuss professional development and -- most importantly -- ensure that an employee's growth and development are aligned with your own business objectives. Both manager and employee should leave the review motivated and in mutual agreement on how to move forward.


    Unfortunately, performance reviews can be stressful and confusing for almost anyone other than seasoned human resources professionals.

    A Special Set of Skills and Considerations

    Establishing review criteria; conducting a review; and developing a follow-up plan are skills that may fall outside your knowledge base. Moreover, there are multiple legal issues that must be considered during the review process to ensure that you treat employees equitably and properly document your efforts. This is, of course, why large corporations often dedicate an entire department exclusively to the task.


    However, as the manager of a small- to mid-size business, you too are tasked with the responsibility of reviewing your employees. After all, they are likely the biggest investment you've made in your company.

    Performance Reviews Made Simple with HR360

    HR360 -- the leading online source for HR how-to guides, tools and forms -- is here to help. We've developed the Employee Performance Review and Progressive Discipline Kit to guide you through the process, step-by-step. With this user-friendly package of tools, forms and guidance, you'll be able to:


    • Understand how performance reviews work and learn how to implement them
    • Create custom reviews in minutes with our Performance Review Builder
    • Comply with federal and state laws
    • Prepare for the review and draft topics to be discussed
    • Communicate expectations, priorities and responsibilities
    • Document relevant issues
    • Accurately evaluate current employee performance
    • Establish criteria for future performance

    …it's everything you need to conduct effective, productive reviews. You'll maximize the impact of the review meeting and be well-prepared to manage all follow-up.

    The Performance Review Builder -- Create Your Review in Minutes

    The centerpiece of this kit, the Performance Review Builder is a proprietary tool that allows you to create a professionally developed performance appraisal in minutes. Simply choose an evaluation form based on the employee's occupation (e.g., clerical, production, sales, management) or create your own by selecting from among 20 performance categories, including:


    • Job Knowledge
    • Quality of Work
    • Problem Solving
    • Judgment
    • Attendance
    • Communication Skills

    Based on the ratings you assign, the Performance Review Builder generates specific comments to help you describe performance issues. It also includes the option to create a customizable action plan for improving the employee's performance. It's an essential appraisal and communication tool…and it's available only from HR360.

    A Library of Forms, Checklists and Surveys at Your Fingertips

    The Employee Performance and Progressive Discipline Kit features a comprehensive library of forms to keep you organized as you move through the review process. Along with comprehensive checklists that ensure you don't miss a single detail, you'll access dozens of useful forms including sample reviews; performance guides; assessments; and rating scales. You'll also foster communication and feedback with a set of surveys and self-assessment tools that let your employees evaluate their own performance, workplace satisfaction, working conditions and more.


    Sometimes, an employee's appraisal can point to poor performance. When this situation occurs, we provide the forms you need to alert the employee of their achievement gap and establish a performance improvement plan to remedy the issue. These documents provide essential documentation to measure the employee's progress or to support the decision to initiate dismissal.

    Expert Guidance from HR360's Team of Attorneys

    A good performance review is direct, detail-oriented and factual. However, performance reviews can be sensitive situations which must be managed with the utmost care and tact. This is particularly true if an employee is under-achieving and must be put on a performance improvement plan.


    That's why HR360's team of attorneys provides insightful content and background to help you prepare and plan. You'll get the intelligence you need to knowledgeably manage every step of employee reviews from initiating the meeting all the way through developing and overseeing follow-up…along with practical insights on topics such appropriate language to use during the review, and a list of review dos and don'ts designed to keep you in compliance with best practices and federal and state employment law.

    Partner with HR360 and Streamline Employee Performance Reviews

    One of the most popular areas of our award-winning HR library, The Employee Performance and Progressive Discipline Kit is now available as a stand-alone product. Contact us today and discover for yourself why thousands of business owners rely on HR360 to help them hire, manage and maintain their employees while staying in compliance with the law.


    Employee Performance and Discipline Kit
    1 Year Solution