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  • Discipline and Termination Kit

    Disciplining and terminating employees are two of the most sensitive aspects of your business -- and both must be managed properly. Not following proper procedures or complying with the law could leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit.


    Whatever the size of your company, you will eventually face the issue of employee termination. Discharging an employee demands the utmost care, especially in key areas such as warning notices and documentation.


    Every situation is unique, sensitive and critical to your future. You need to handle each step correctly, following the law as well as HR best practices.


    One mistake and your company could be sued for discrimination or wrongful termination. You could lose everything you've worked so hard to build.

    Manage Termination Safely and Successfully with HR360

    HR360 -- the leading online source for HR how-to guides, tools and forms -- has developed the 'Discipline and Termination Kit' to take you through the process, step-by-step. This easy-to-use kit features the tools you need to:

    • Clearly communicate disciplinary steps and notices
    • Investigate misconduct and take progressive or remedial action
    • Develop termination policies that comply with state and federal law
    • Document performance issues
    • Communicate pending large-scale layoffs to employees
    • Develop a plan for implementing layoffs
    • Prepare for and conduct termination meetings and exit interviews
    • Notify appropriate parties of employee termination
    • Comply with COBRA or state "mini-COBRA" requirements
    • Manage post-termination responsibilities, including references and personnel files

    …all while adhering to state and federal employment laws. Every document is reviewed by our team of attorneys, and continuously updated to reflect the most current guidelines and best practices.


    Of course, you'll also get appropriate materials to manage voluntary terminations -- when an employee retires or takes a position elsewhere -- which have their own special set of procedures that should be followed.

    Forms, Policies and Checklists to Guide You

    HR360's 'Discipline and Termination Kit' is written in clear, easy-to-understand language that you can readily adapt to your individual business situation. We provide you with the information and resources you need to manage disciplining and terminating employees while fully documenting your efforts. You'll get:Learn how-to discipline or termination an employee

    • Forms: From discipline and warning notices, to termination meetings and exit interviews, you'll be able to document every step of the process.
    • Policies: Drafted and ready to implement so you can communicate clearly with employees.
    • Checklists: Detailed instructions cover each key area of discipline and termination, so you don't overlook important steps.

    Partner with HR360 and Safeguard Your Business

    HR360's 'Discipline and Termination Kit' is one of the most popular features of our award-winning HR library…and it's now available as a stand-alone product to help you navigate the discipline and termination functions.


    Discover why thousands of business owners rely on HR360 to help them hire, manage and maintain their employees while staying in compliance with the law.


    Discipline and Termination Kit
    1 Year Solution