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Benefits Notices Checklist

This page features the following topics:

  • Overview 
  • SPD and General ERISA Disclosures 
  • COBRA Notices 
  • HIPAA Portability and Nondiscrimination Required Notices 
  • Special Health Care Notices  
  • Health Care Reform (ACA) Notices 
  • Notices Related to Benefits Claims 
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security-Related Notices 
  • Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notices 
  • Form 5500 Annual Reporting 


This checklist is designed to help companies review the key reporting and notice requirements that may apply to their employer-sponsored group health plans under ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). Please note that this list is for general reference purposes only and is not all-inclusive.

Note: ERISA's requirements are complex, and your plan's responsibilities may vary depending on the individual circumstances surrounding your company's plan. Employers who have questions are encouraged to consult with their plan administrators, the U.S. Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, or a knowledgeable employment law attorney for further guidance.  

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