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Steps to Success

The Steps to Success section provides a series of “how-to” interactive guides that will help you implement key human resource processes and responsibilities. From employee disciplining to interviewing, hiring and termination, this section gives you a clear step-by-step approach to how to understand and manage these multi-faceted HR and benefits-related tasks. 

Steps to Success is designed to help simplify and streamline such key areas as COBRA, FMLA and performance reviews.  Each HR and benefits task has its own easy-to-use interactive guide that will simplify each process and give you a clear picture of the action steps involved. 

Steps to Success Interactive Guides

The following is a summary of the interactive guides available in this section:

  • COBRA Steps
  • Employee Discipline Steps
  • FMLA steps
  • Hiring Process Steps
  • Interview Process Steps
  • Involuntary Termination Steps
  • Job Analysis & Job Description Steps
  • New Hire Steps
  • Performance Review Steps
  • Recruitment Strategy Steps
  • Reductions in Force/Layoff Steps
  • Voluntary Termination Steps

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