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Termination Action Checklist

Standard Procedure for All Employees

  • Distribute Discipline Policy (through Handbook or otherwise) at the time of employment.  Make rules available online or elsewhere so all employees have notice.
  • Consistently follow whatever policies are promulgated.  Treat employees fairly and consistently.

Disciplinary Procedure

  • Inform employee of infraction and maintain records in the supervisor’s file and/or personnel file.
  • Obtain signed acknowledgments from employee that the employee has received a warning or other admonition.
  • Provide employee opportunity to improve—treat discipline as a constructive process, not just as punishment.
  • Act expeditiously on allegations of harassment or other serious misconduct.
  • Establish employee complaint system and grievance program.
  • Perform investigation if appropriate.

Determining Penalties

  • Consider employee’s overall performance, value and risk to the business.

Executing the Termination

  • Complete termination report.
  • Draft termination letter, with management and assistance of counsel if necessary.
  • Inform human resources and payroll.
  • Inform administrators of benefit plan(s), i.e. medical and retirement.

Employee Meeting

  • Include supervisor, HR rep.
  • Discuss severance, if applicable.
  • Inform departing employee of COBRA, state-mandated or employer-provided continuing health coverage.
  • Review retirement plan options, i.e. 401(k) rollover.
  • Notify terminated employee of any outplacement services.
  • Establish contact for other outstanding HR issues.

Closing Matters

  • Request return of company equipment, data, or other property.
  • Confidential information.
  • Client lists.
  • Final paycheck (comply with state timing requirements)
  • Exit Interview.

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