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Interview Question Builder

The 'Interview Question Builder' is key to evaluating whether a candidate has the knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary to become a successful employee. In a structured interview, the same questions should be asked to all candidates. The structured interview improves reliability and validity by using the same job-related questions for each candidate.  The strength of this type of interview is that all candidates receive the same treatment, interview questions are directly linked to job behaviors

Choosing Interview Questions

With the 'Interview Question Builder' you can choose from over 400 pre-developed behavioral interview questions in 49 categories. When choosing questions to include in the interview, it is wise to keep in mind the time frame within which you must conduct each interview. The number of questions should probably fit in the range of 5 to 15.


After you have selected the interview question you simply output a complete interview guide. Within minutes, you'll have a ready-to-use the interview guide to assist you during the interview process.


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