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Salary Benchmarking Tool

With our Salary Benchmarking Tool, you can search compensation and pay structure reports either annually or by the hour. Our salary benchmarking survey information can be viewed and compared nationally, by state and within a state by region and/or metro area. We have salary data on over 800 job positions. It’s so simple to use:

  • Select from our comprehensive library of 800 job descriptions or search over 50,000 job titles to find the position that requires salary and compensation information
  • View the national high, median, or low wage data for a job description
  • Select a state to compare the salary survey data to the national averages
  • Select a metro region to compare the local salary survey data to both the state and national salary averages
  • You can then view the information by 'Yearly Wage Chart', 'Hourly Wage Chart', and by 'Wage Tables'
  • You then print or email the salary pay structure information -- it’s that simple!


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