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The competition for attracting and retaining top talent start with knowing what to pay people. With our enhanced 'Salary Benchmarking tool', you can search, view and compare salary data for over 950 job positions in over 750 different metropolitan and non-metropolitan area across the United States.


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With the Salary Benchmarking tool you can:

  • Search for a single job in one location;
  • Search multiple jobs in one location or;
  • Search multiple locations for one job.

We have also enhanced output capabilities of the Salary Report to include a customizable cover page, a table of contents, an explanation of salary percentiles, a 5 year wage trend analysis, a 50 state comparison chart, and wage comparisons for similar job positions in the same job family.


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Money and Motivation

Cash. Dough. Cabbage. Greenbacks. No matter what you call it, money gets our attention. As a business owner or manager, money and salaries are always top of mind as you work to compensate and incentivize employees.

Duration : 03:54



Paying Employees

Did you know that you may be unintentionally violating the law with certain common pay practices? Watch this video to learn some basic rules on paying your employees.

Duration : 04:08




Total Employee Compensation Statements

As a manager or HR professional, you know that your investment in your employees is far greater than just the salary you pay. But do your employees understand that? It may be time to communicate this information with something known as a Total Compensation Statement.

Duration : 03:00


Minimizing the Cost of Employee Turnover

In today's business environment, it may be tempting to see the departure of an employee as an opportunity to save money. But this view can prove shortsighted. When you examine the actual costs of employee turnover, it becomes clear that a high turnover rate can do serious harm to a company's bottom line-damage that can outweigh any short-term savings.

Duration : 03:48


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