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Hiring employees is vitally important to the success and growth of your company and is a major financial investment, in addition to major expenditures of both time and training. To help assure that you are hiring the best candidate for the job, this section provides information on a number of key areas necessary to the hiring process.

Candidate Evaluation Process

For the candidate evaluation process, be sure to organize your selection criteria and interview questions. It is also important to make sure all interview schedules are coordinated and reasonable accommodations are made for any applicants with disabilities. This section also features a great selection of sample candidate evaluation forms to facilitate the entire process. When you have made your hiring decision, make sure you send offer letters to the applicants who have been selected and rejection letters to those who were not chosen as a courtesy. This section also provides an array of sample letters.

The Job Application

A job application form can be a very effective part of your recruitment process. By requiring all qualified applicants to com­plete an application form before being interviewed, employers can use the interview time to get into specific job-related areas rather than asking the most basic questions. In addition, certain states have specific laws passed regarding job applications which are featured in this section.


This section will help interviewers conduct fair and objective interviews. An interview should provide as much information as possible about an applicant's potential to perform the duties of a particular position. The most valuable interview is objective and permits the interviewer(s) to determine the knowledge, skills, and qualities of a prospective employee. The areas which will be covered in this section include:

  • How to conduct the interview
  • Panel interviews
  • Do’s and don’ts of interviewing
  • The ADA compliant interview
  • Sample questionnaires

For more information on the ADA compliant interview, please click here.

Testing During the Employment Process

The use of tests and other selection procedures can be a very effective means of determining which applicants are most qualified for a particular job. However, use of these tools can violate  federal anti-discrimination law if an employer uses them to discriminate based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, or age (40 or older). This section will provide key information on the role of testing in the hiring process.

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