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Developing a Job Posting

One of the most effective ways to make a great first impression is by developing an effective job posting. Many times, it is your first contact with a job seeker who could potentially become your employee and you want to make a good first impression. This section will provide tips and guidelines for developing a successful Job Posting.

Importance of a Title

One of the major differentiators that can attract more responses to your posting is to make sure the title draws in your potential candidates. Instead of just stating the exact title of the job such as JAVA developer, you might consider something more descriptive, such as “Senior JAVA Developer for High Growth Company in New York City”. This gives the viewers a considerable amount of information built into the title and can motivate them to read further.

Remember, you have a very small window of opportunity to keep someone’s attention when he or she is viewing 10, 20, 30 or more job postings. You want to stand out from the crowd and that can start with a well-developed title.

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