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Using a Progressive Discipline System

Progressive discipline is a method of discipline that uses graduated steps for dealing with problems related to an employee's job performance and conduct that do not meet clearly defined standards and policies. The ultimate objective of a progressive discipline process is to help employees resolve performance issues and correct conduct problems in the earliest stages. Using a progressive discipline system:

  • Provides a consistent, objective and fair process for disciplining
  • Promotes open communications between a supervisor and his or her employee
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Potentially increases employee retention by resolving issues
  • Provides important documentation should a termination become necessary

It is essential that you carefully and accurately document every step and aspect of the disciplining process. Documentation provides evidence of what occurred, promotes consistency and objectivity, and is a necessary step for companies to support decisions regarding employee discipline and termination. Additionally, because information relating to employee discipline may be used in lawsuits, accurate and complete documentation is extremely important.

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