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Post Termination

Return of property. Confirm that company property is returned and that all access to databases, email, voicemail, etc. has been terminated. Passwords should be deactivated. In the rare instance where the employee wrongfully retains company property, the employer may pursue legal action to recover the property or the value of the property.

Termination report. After the meeting, the responsible manager should prepare an internal report for the file summarizing the termination meeting and any related information. These notes are important should the employee assert any claim against the employer, as the contemporaneous notes will be of value to refresh recollection of the company official.

Post-termination benefits. Determine whether you must provide continuation of group health benefits under federal COBRA or state continuation laws ("mini-COBRA"). Review any applicable agreements for severance pay, as well as any retirement plan options (e.g., 401(k) rollover).  

References. Respond to future reference inquiries in accordance with company policy and ...

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