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Discount Fitness Club Network

This toolkit provides guidance on identifying and establishing a relationship with a nationwide Discount Fitness Club Network (DFCN) for employees of multi-site organizations. It is based on Healthier Worksite Initiative's experience with implementing such a service, as a strategy to increase employee access to fitness centers at all CDC locations.

Health Challenge

The Guide to Community Preventive Services recommends increasing access to places to be physically active (combined with informational outreach) as a way to increase the public's level of physical activity. Increasing access to places to be physically active at work can be accomplished in numerous ways, including making stairways inviting to encourage stair use, opening safe walking and biking trails, and improving community and worksite walkability.

Many worksites provide fitness centers for employees, but not all are able to offer sufficient facilities. In addition, not all employees choose to exercise at work; some prefer a fitness club closer to home.

Toolkit Components

The principles of program development in this toolkit hold true for private sector as well as public employers. The toolkit describes the following project phases:

  • Assessing Need and Interest
  • Promoting Your Project
  • Implementing Your Discount Fitness Club Network
  • Maintaining Interest
  • Evaluating Success

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