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Installing Music

The fourth stage of the "StairWELL to Better Health" intervention brought music to the stairwells. In the CDC’s Rhodes Building, a digital satellite receiver was installed which feeds the incoming signal into an integrated amplifier that, in turn, feeds five stairwell speakers (one on each floor). Four of the speakers are circular, ceiling-mounted speakers located on the door landing for each of the first four floors. The fifth speaker is a wall-mount on the fifth floor door landing.

Other Ideas to Consider

Looking for more ways to improve your stairwells? If your budget allows, you may want to work with an interior designer or color consultant to help you create the right "feel" for your stairwells. If not, consider the following physical alterations to the stairwell:

  • Adding carpet and rubber treading will increase safety and make your stairwell more inviting.
  • Use creative lighting (e.g., track lighting, incandescent lighting, or halogen lighting).
  • Create theme stairwells (e.g., transport stair users to a Hawaiian beach or tropical rainforest during their trip up or down the stairs, or make your own cartoon and have a frame or two per floor).
  • Create a catchy rhyme with several lines. Put the first line of the rhyme on the first floor, the second line on the second floor, etc. One would have to travel all the way to the top to read the entire rhyme!
  • Include an electronic message board.
  • Add footsteps that lead from the elevators to the stairs and have a message spelled out along the way.
  • Post arrows showing the way to the stairs.
  • Create a "fitness zone" inside the stairwell: "You are entering the Fitness Zone."
  • Put numbers on the doors to let users know which floor they're on.
  • Start at bottom floor and give each stair a number so that users can easily track their progress.
  • Allow users to add their signatures to each floor creating a graffiti wall.

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