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Publications & Posters

  • All About OSHA: An OSHA handbook which provides an overview of the Agency, its regulatory responsibilities, policies, procedures and programs.
    • All About OSHA - PDF
    • All About OSHA  - HTML
  • Todo Sobre la OSHA (All About OSHA): An OSHA handbook providing an overview of the Agency in Spanish.
    • Todo Sobre la OSHA - Spanish
  •  Workers' Rights: OSHA Handbook on Workers' Rights
    • Workers' Rights - PDF
  • Employer Rights and Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection
    • English: HTML I PDF 
  • It's The Law - Job Safety and Health Poster: The poster informs employers and employees of their rights and responsibilities for a safe and healthful workplace.
    • Poster English 
    • Poster Spanish 
  • Job Hazard Analysis Guide
    • English: HTML I PDF 
  • OSH Act 
    • English: HTML I PDF 
  • Personal Protective Equipment 
    • English: PDF

Additional OSHA Publications & Posters

  • Brochures/Booklets: OSHA brochures covering a wide variety of specialized topics including cooperative programs (VPP, Alliances) and specific audiences such as teens and Hispanic employees. 
  • Fact Sheets: OSHA Fact Sheets provide basic background information on safety and health hazards.
  • Guidance Documents: Documents that provide detailed examinations of specific safety and health issues. 
  • Pocket Guides: OSHA has developed 20 - 32 page booklets to educate employees about the hazards, resources and safety partnerships for the Agency's focus industries. 
  • Posters: Posters provide safety guidance for employees and employers in specific industries. 
  • QuickCards™: QuickCards™ are small, laminated cards that provide brief, plain language safety and health information for employees. 
  • QuickTakes: Read online by more than 80,000 safety and health professionals, QuickTakes highlights upcoming events, news, OSHA training and other resources. Subscribe today! 
  • Spanish Language: OSHA often translates its products into Spanish to ensure that appropriate audiences have access to important safety and health information. 
  • Standards: OSHA standards require that employers maintain or improve workplace conditions to protect employees.

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