Sample Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is one of the most important communication tools between a company and its employees. Not only does it set forth your expectations for your employees, but it also describes what they can expect from the company. Regardless of size, all employers should consider creating an employee handbook to make their company’s policies accessible to employees.  Your employee handbook should be as clear and unambiguous as possible, and written in an understandable language.  

Please note that the Sample Handbook provided here is for reference only and should not be used without modification. Each company is different, has its own culture, employee requirements, and expectations. Laws change and, as a result, the sample handbook may not be in compliance with current rules and regulations. In addition, your state may have additional or different laws and regulations not contemplated by a particular sample policy. Consult appropriate local counsel before adapting any form or part of the sample handbook below for use in your company or organization.

Sample Employee Handbook

Note: It is necessary to change your company policies from time to time to reflect changes in the workforce, employment trends, economic conditions and state and federal legislation. Review your policies annually to ensure compliance.

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Please NoteThe sample forms and policies featured in this section may be used for general reference only. All sample forms and policies should be modified to meet your company’s individual needs and applicable laws. Federal and state laws do change and, as a result, the featured forms and policies may not comply with current requirements. We strongly recommend consulting an employment law attorney or HR specialist for assistance with customizing any forms, policies, or the sample employee handbook. Any links that have been provided as an additional source of forms or guidelines are also for general information purposes and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy or compliance with any particular law or requirement.