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Performance Review Preparation

Analyzing Problems in

Employee Performance

Performance Problem Analysis Guide

Appraisal Interview Objective


Appraisal Interview Planning Sheet

Identifying Issues to Discuss

at the Performance Interview

Interview Planning-Control Guide

Notice of Performance

Review Interview

Sample PA Interview Memo

Preparing For and Performing

the Interview

Planning and Conducting the Interview

Pre-Performance Appraisal

Interview Checklist

Checklist - Before the Performance Appraisal Interview

Ten Potential Solutions to

Problem Employee Situations

Corrective Action - Problem Solution

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Please NoteThe sample forms and policies featured in this section may be used for general reference only. All sample forms and policies should be modified to meet your company’s individual needs and applicable laws. Federal and state laws do change and, as a result, the featured forms and policies may not comply with current requirements. We strongly recommend consulting an employment law attorney or HR specialist for assistance with customizing any forms, policies, or the sample employee handbook. Any links that have been provided as an additional source of forms or guidelines are also for general information purposes and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy or compliance with any particular law or requirement.