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Recruitment & Hiring

The key to successful recruiting of new employees is the development of a systematic process for developing job descriptions, generating a pool of candidates and selecting the right candidate. The following are the major steps involved:

  • Develop a job analysis to identify skills, knowledge and abilities for each position.
  • Create your job description and selection criteria based on the most current information available and modify when necessary.
  • Develop your recruitment plan in terms of promoting the job opening and generating a pool of candidates.
  • Develop a process for interviewing candidates.
  • Create a process for selecting the best candidates.

New Hire Process

Hiring the successful applicant will involve a number of important tasks, steps and paperwork. See the summary below for key information:

  • Send the prospective employee an offer letter or contract and other documents, including confidentiality or non-compete agreements if appropriate.
  • Be sure all documents are signed
  • Prepare for the arrival of the new employee
  • Conduct employee on-boarding/new employee orientation
  • Follow the New-Hire Steps listed below:

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