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2019 Benefits Notices for Open Enrollment

The following chart provides an overview of the key required health benefits notices that can be included in an employer's open enrollment materials for the 2019 plan year in order to satisfy its distribution obligations under federal law. While some of the notices must be provided annually (and/or at certain other times outside of the open enrollment period), many employers choose to include these notices in their open enrollment materials for administrative convenience.  

The open enrollment period is also a good time for employers to review their plan documents to confirm that any required plan design changes for 2019 are in effect. In general, plan changes should be communicated either through an updated Summary Plan Description (SPD) or a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM), within certain timeframes.

Please note that your company may be subject to additional benefits notices requirements under your state's laws. Employers are encouraged to contact the U.S. Department of Labor or a knowledgeable employment law attorney for further guidance.

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