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Flexible Workplace

Flexible hours, also called “flextime” or “telecommuting,” are schedules in which employees spend a portion of their workday onsite, and the rest from home or another location. Although flexible work schedules are generally a matter of agreement between the employer and the employee, employers that decide to offer such a schedule may want to standardize the process with flextime request forms, achievement goals, certain agreements, and other forms. The sample flexible workplace forms provided in this section include:

Acknowledgment of Flexible 


Flexible Work Arrangement Acknowledgement Form


Job Sharing Agreement Form

Job Sharing Agreement

Request for Flex-Time Approval

Flex-Time Request Form

Telecommuting Authorization Form

Telecommuting Agreement

Telecommuting Application Form

Telecommuting Application Form



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Please NoteThe sample forms and policies featured in this section may be used for general reference only. All sample forms and policies should be modified to meet your company’s individual needs and applicable laws. Federal and state laws do change and, as a result, the featured forms and policies may not comply with current requirements. We strongly recommend consulting an employment law attorney or HR specialist for assistance with customizing any forms, policies, or the sample employee handbook. Any links that have been provided as an additional source of forms or guidelines are also for general information purposes and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy or compliance with any particular law or requirement.