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Imminent Layoff


Memo Warning of Impending Layoff

Informing an Employee That

They are Being Laid Off
Notification of Layoff

Preparing for Layoffs

Layoff Preparation Checklist

WARN Act Notification of Lay Offs

(State and Local Governments)

Sample WARN Letter -- State Agency or Local Government Official

WARN Notice to Employee

Sample WARN Notification Letter -- Employee

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Please NoteThe sample forms and policies featured in this section may be used for general reference only. All sample forms and policies should be modified to meet your company’s individual needs and applicable laws. Federal and state laws do change and, as a result, the featured forms and policies may not comply with current requirements. We strongly recommend consulting an employment law attorney or HR specialist for assistance with customizing any forms, policies, or the sample employee handbook. Any links that have been provided as an additional source of forms or guidelines are also for general information purposes and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy or compliance with any particular law or requirement.