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School Activities Leave in Minnesota (MN) Employers are generally required to grant an employee who works at least half-time up to a total of 16 hours of unpaid leave during any 12-month period to attend school conferences or school-related activities related to the employee's child (including a foster child), provided such conferences or activities cannot be scheduled during nonwork hours. If the employee's child receives child care services, or attends a prekindergarten regular or special education program, the employee may use the leave time to attend a conference or activity related to the employee's child, or to observe and monitor the services or program, provided the conference, activity, or observation cannot be scheduled during nonwork hours. When the leave cannot be scheduled during nonwork hours and the need for the leave is foreseeable, the employee must provide reasonable prior notice of the leave and make a reasonable effort to schedule the leave so as not to disrupt unduly the operations of the employer. An employee may substitute any accrued paid vacation leave or other appropriate paid leave for any part of the school conference or school-related activities leave. For more information, please click here.

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